Yellow Jacket with Calvin Klein

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This outfit is not only fashionable, but also comfortable. A gray cotton Calvin Klein T fits snugly and then I paired it with a canary yellow leather jacket. It allows me to enjoy a sunny day in Newcastle while turning heads at the same time.

The yellow leather jacket is a particular favorite of mine. There’s a zipper closure as well as a belt at the bottom. This way, if I wanted to hide my t-shirt at any time, I would be able to do so. The belt also helps me to get the great fit at my waist. With this particular outfit, I wouldn’t close the jacket up because it’s a high rise, so it fits up above the waist line. If I wasn’t wearing low rise jeans and a t-shirt, then I might consider going ahead and using the belt.

Zippers help to add some fun and flair to the jacket. They are working zippers, but I’d never use them because it would cause the jacket to look too bulky. Instead, I just love that it adds a bit of silver, which also helps it to pair really well with the gray of the t-shirt.

I especially like it all with the black jeans. The black appearance works whether you’re in bright light or in the shadows of your favorite hangout. Plus, the bright yellow and the black have a great contrast against each other. The lower waist of the jeans matched with the higher jacket also offers more of the t-shirt to show through.

If the t-shirt wasn’t tight fitting, it wouldn’t be the same great look. This whole ensemble works because of the fit of the shirt. I also love how the CK is in a bold black, which has a great aesthetic against the yellow. Yellow and black is such a classic color combination. It works for bumblebees, NYC taxis, and also for the world of fashion.

The yellow Zara jacket is an accessory that I pull out all the time to add a pop of color. While plenty of people will wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, this just adds that little extra something. It’s the perfect outfit to wear when walking around the city, going shopping, or even meeting up with friends. The yellow is bold, but not so bold as a red, which also allows me to go about my day without attracting too much attention.

This is definitely a bold look, but one that works for every occasion. The jacket’s not too heavy, so it can even be worn when the sun is shining. Plus, if any time I want to take the jacket off, I can and the CK t-shirt still allows me to have a timeless look.




Tank Top - Calvin Klein

With Love Liliana

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