Happy Valentines day lovely people, want to remind you that love is everywhere, and you are the main source of it ❤

I wanted to share my absolute favorite Dior Addict Lip glow and Dior Addict Lip Maximizer. I purchased them mid December and since then i’ve been using them non stop or at least every other day when I go outside or work.
The idea originally was for me to buy a clear gloss since I don’t own a damn gloss in my beauty cabinet (talk about being a beauty blogger eh? lol) at least not a clear one. I seem to have every other colour apart from clear. Danielle (my fabulous hairdresser) even mentioned to me last month. Lily have you gotten your lips done? I laughed, and said no! But I have noticed that myself as well that some clear lip glosses make my lips look like I have them done where in fact I haven’t!
She was left speechless…
That’s because Dior lip maximizer is a gloss that gives your lips a plumpier appearance and the lip maximizer is a collagen activator which means it smoothens and boosts your lips volume and it can be used alone as a 15 day treatment therapy to enhance your lips by applying the collagen activator once every morning before any other lip related product
I like to wear my Dior lip glow during the day for the natural glossier look!
Due to its unique synthesis not only it adapts to each skin tone but at the same time it enhances the natural colour of your lip by enabling your lip to open up the blood vessels to introduce more oxygen rich blood into your lips and give them a fresh and radiant look making them and giving them look healthier from within!
It brought out all the vibrant and natural colours of lips I was so desperately looking to bring back to life while making me and feeling healthier and that’s exactly what i’m looking for. A makeup product that not only will make feel healthier but actually improving the health of my skin? That’s a total winner for me
Tip: If you live anywhere in the world that it’s windy it’s best if you skip the lip gloss for the day as your hair will be sticking to your lips all day long.

Happy Valentines  ❤

With Love Liliana

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