Denim on Denim, the old but new trend!


TOPMAN/Denim Western Jacket   H&M/ Bikini Top  ZARA/Jeans (Similar) WindsorSmith/Crazie Heels 

I love to wear the outfits that are easy to carry and simple, but still eye-catchy. As I am obsessed with denim, I always thought of trying the new but old denim on denim trend! Denim is everywhere in fashion trends and with the 80’s fashion coming back more and more denim are seen worn on the top rather than just on the bottom. I have always loved denim jackets and have been a big fan of them. Every fashionable outfit has a place and time to be worn but with denim, it is timeless!

I paired the Topman denim jacket with low waist Zara denim jeans and with the chicest H&M white bikini top, which just gave me the stylish and rugged look I always wanted. The light wash of my blue ripped denim jeans when put together with dark wash off my blue denim jacket, gave me the head turner look and most important my classy and stylish white bikini tops goes perfectly with my denim jacket. Blue and white is an elegant combination and it pleases the eyes. I think this is the perfect way of wearing denim.

My favorite denim jacket has buttons, I can button up my jacket but I kept it open to show off my beautiful and stylish H&M bikini top. This bikini top is adding more beauty to my combination than I thought. To add up more style and elegance to my outfit I have worn blue colored Windsor smith crazy heels. I really loved this whole blue look from head to toe.

I think this is the perfect way of wearing denim on denim light denim on the bottom and dark denim on the top and I have just presented it. Don’t I look stunning? I loved the way I cuffed my Zara jeans and sleeves of the jacket, they are adding more stylish touch.

Many think denim on denim is not a combination that one can pull, but I think when it is done right it looks incredible! This is what I exactly showed, how double denim can be a head turner when you put it in the right way.

It is the best and a perfect outfit that can be worn anywhere you go may it be shopping, movie, date or even meeting up your friends and family. It gives a bolder look and the best thing is jacket is of feathery weight and so can be worn even when the sun in on your head.

Whether your looks will attract many eyes or not it all depends on how you style! Thumb rule of denim on denim is that the washes and colors should not be identical! Pairing a light washed blue denim jacket with dark wash blue denim jeans or vice versa will make you stand out.

Just throw on a pair of ripped Zara jeans, Topman denim jacket and H&M stylish bikini top for a two-toned look which looks great when put together

With Love Liliana

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